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Pet owners urged to keep their cool during June heatwave

Monday June 19th 2017

Pet owners have been urged to ensure their furry friends stay safe, as Britain looks set to bask in another day of sweltering weather.

Sunday (June 18) proved to be the hottest day of the year so far, with the mercury climbing to 31.9C (89.4F) at Hampton Water Works in Greater London.

Saturday was also a hot one, with temperatures peaking at 30.2C (86.4F) in Teddington.

The warm weather is likely to delight those who are keen to enjoy their garden or top up their tan. But it could pose risks to the likes of dogs and cats, who can become dehydrated in the sun.

With the current hot spell set to continue today, animal owners should ensure their pets aren't left struggling.

A Met Office spokeswoman said: "We could see 33C on Monday, which we think would be the peak of the heat. There's a small chance of it being even warmer later in the week, but there's low confidence on that."

As a result of the latest heatwave, the South and South East are likely to be 10C (50F) above the usual average for mid June.

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