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Pet owners urged to have flood plan

Thursday June 14th 2012

The recent downpours have prompted the RSPCA to urge pet owners to consider their animals if they are forced to evacuate homes due to flooding.

Two dogs had been rescued from a caravan based in Maesbangor Caravan Park in Aberystwyth, Wales, after water surged through the area. The charity also had to rehome a cat and a number of budgies to an animal shelter after 20 basement flats, located at the seafront at Littlehampton in West Sussex, became flooded.

The RSPCA has asked pet owners to keep a close eye on warnings issued by the Environment Agency in a bid to protect animals from harm in regions at risk of floods. In this way they are prepared if high levels of water hits their community and can take action to make sure their pets and livestock are safe, according to the charity.

"The public rightly feel very passionate about their animals and are often reluctant to leave them in times of crisis. It can make a difficult situation worse if they have not considered how they will care for their animals in transit or where to keep them until they can return to their homes," said RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley.

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