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Pet owners told of festive hazards

Monday December 7th 2009

Pet owners are being urged by vets to make sure their homes are safe during the festive period, as Christmas can create hazards for animals in the house.

The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), the British Veterinary Association’s charity, is relaunching a leaflet highlighting which household substances can be dangerous to pets.

Several of the hazards found in the 'Pets and Poisons' leaflet are foods associated with the festive season, such as raisins and sultanas in cakes and puddings, chocolate, liquorice and sweets.

Other Christmas dangers include Blutack on cards and decorations, electric cables powering lights, and wrapping paper and bows. AWF also warned about anti-freeze, which is commonly used during winter.

Vet Carl Padgett, chair of trustees for the Animal Welfare Foundation, said: “Pet owners should educate themselves about all the hazardous poisons in their homes and gardens and take simple steps to ensure they are kept at a safe distance from cats, dogs and other animals.

"The BVA AWF guide to Pets and Poisons is clear and simple to use and could help reduce the dangers in the home.”

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