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Pet owners 'more like pet parents'

Wednesday July 2nd 2014

Britain is more a nation of pet parents than merely owners, according to a new survey.

The poll of 1,000 pet owners found that around nine in 10 claim they care as much for their animals as they do their own children.

Many owners say they get as much love back from their pets as they do from their kids and, although it is certainly not cheap to keep animals, owners even joked how they don't have to help them pay for university or weddings!

The amount of money people spend on their dogs, cats and other animals has soared in the last 50 years and some claim it is now more than they spend on make-up, holidays and treats.

The poll, carried out on behalf of AstarPets, also discovered that many pet lovers spend more of their cash on their animals than they do on their partners.

One in six take their pets to grooming salons every month and around a half feed their animals expensive organic or specialist foods.

There is a great deal of guilt among 'pet parents' if they leave their animals behind while on holiday, so it's not surprising that well over a half of them bring home gifts for their pets.

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