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Pet owners gear up for dog-friendly disco

Thursday May 4th 2017

A new 'doggy disco' north of the border is giving energetic pooches and their owners the chance to party.

The pet-friendly event at the 13th Note bar in Glasgow will be staged on Sunday (May 7), the Evening Times has reported.

The Doggy Disco will run from 12 noon right through to 7pm, giving dog owners plenty of time to introduce their animals to the wonderful world of dance music.

The aim is to ultimately give dogs the chance to socialise and have fun, with a host of stalls and activities due to be on offer. The event will also help to raise funds for important charitable work.

To ensure that pets of all sizes get the opportunity to take part in the disco, the bar has allocated the 12 noon to 4pm slot specifically for smaller dogs.

With strong demand expected, pet owners can now pre-book a place at the disco by contacting the venue.

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