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Pet owners 'ditch Fido for Poppy'

Tuesday July 12th 2011

Pet owners are ditching Fido and Tiddles in favour of more "human" names for their cats and dogs, research has found.

A new study of 36,000 pets found Poppy was the most popular name for cats and dogs.

Other names making it into the top 10 include Molly, Charlie and Max.

The study, by retailer John Lewis, also found a growing trend for pets to be named after celebrities including Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Other popular choices were names derived from food and drink such as Bacon, Twix, Whisky and Guinness.

John Brady, head of commercial at John Lewis, said: "What is clear is that human names dominate and it's becoming increasingly difficult to spot much difference between our list and the most popular baby name choices."

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