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Pet owners aren't that mad on Max

Tuesday August 19th 2014

Dogs are more likely to be looking for a home if they are a nine-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Max, Charlie or Buster.

That's the statistical conclusion of Battersea's famous cats and dogs home in a survey of the 9,000 pets it has sheltered in the 12 months up until this July.

It also has bad news for 13-month-old cats called Coco, Tigger and Princess. These are the most likely moggies to be looking for a new owner at the home's three centres across London, Old Windsor and Brands Hatch. However lucky or unlucky an animal's name may be, it's always fortunate if their owners take out Pet Insurance to protect them and give peace of mind.

Battersea's Carly Whyborn, the homes' operations head, says that some names seem to be unluckier for pets than others.

If you're interesting in re-homing a Battersea dog or cat you can visit or call 0843 509 4444.

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