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Pet owner takes hot dog challenge

Tuesday July 26th 2016

A dog owner has put herself through the ordeal of being left in a hot car with the windows up to highlight what some animals have to suffer.

Jess Ritchie filmed her selfless, drastic action amid a spate of reports concerning pet owners leaving their pooches in baking vehicles.

Nottingham-based Ms Ritchie managed to last nine minutes in her car before she could stand no more, the Mail Online reports. She is shown struggling on her self-made film, which she posted on her Facebook page, as the temperature rises 6.5C to 41.5C.

Her ordeal included breathlessness, profuse sweating and disorientation. Ms Ritchie, 24, hopes her film will act as a "wake-up call" to dog-owning drivers everywhere.

Ms Ritchie's movie has been shared more than 6,000 times worldwide since she posted it last Wednesday (July 20). She made it after feeling angry about the story of a terrier which was left trapped in a roasting vehicle.

Two Nottinghamshire PCSOs saved the dog from possible death by smashing the car windows. Vets say that dogs can die in such hot conditions within 15 minutes.

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