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Pet owner recreates Bake-off set for her hamsters

Wednesday October 19th 2016

A pet owner as recreated the set of the Great British Bake Off for her hamsters - complete with tiny electric mixers and baking trays.

Beverly Borrill, from Devizes in Wiltshire, has created 20 sets in total for her hamsters, snapping her six Syrian hamsters in front of miniature televisions, snooker tables, swimming pools and ballet studios.

She says it took her two days to make the Bake Off set.

Mrs Borrill uses peanut butter to help persuade Max, Lulu, Marmite, Mouse, Piggy and Bowie to pose for the pictures.

Using cardboard boxes and novelty kitchen timers, Mrs Borrill built the inside of the Bake Off tent - which was showcased on GBBO: An Extra Slice.

She bought the hamsters for her daughter three years ago and was inspired by one of her school projects to make her cute cardboard creations.

"We made a hot air balloon using paper mache and it just took on a life of its own," she told the BBC.

"And of course once Bake Off was on - we just had to do that."

Mrs Borrill says her next project will be the set of Strictly Come Dancing.

"They've had costumes on before and we've already got the glitter ball, so we just need to get the sequins sewn on."

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