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Pet lurcher Boo wins Crufts friends title

Monday March 14th 2016

They say man's - or woman's - best friend is their dog and as far as Rosie Reid and her Crufts prize-winning lurcher Boo are concerned that really is true.

For members of the public have voted the pet dog as this year's Eukanuba Friends For Life winner at the world-famous dog show after hearing how she can detect the oncoming attacks her owner suffers as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ms Reid was diagnosed with the disorder after a miscarriage left her unable to have children.

Soon after that she adopted Boo, having spotted a re-homing advert online. A week later the puppy began pawing at her arm and within minutes Ms Reid, who lives in Swindon, suffered one of the random attacks.

Ms Reid realised that Boo, who suffers from a heart condition herself, was able to detect her oncoming attacks, which leave her suffering blackouts. And that enables Ms Reid to get herself into a safe position before she blacks out and collapses. It also enables her to feel safe when she goes out.

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