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Pet food warning to cat owners

Thursday June 23rd 2016

Cat owners are facing a recall of food pouches manufactured by the company Hill's Pet Nutrition.

The product has been found to contain high levels of iron, which means the food could lead to health problems such as diarrhoea and vomiting when given to cats as the sole source of nutrition.

It is thought that an error at one of Hill's supplier companies may have caused some 85g pouches, which could be mixed in with unaffected products in multipacks, to be given higher-than-normal iron content.

The issue has also been found to affect the Science Plan Feline 11+ Healthy Ageing Chicken & with Salmon Multi Pack.

Pet owners are asked to check their 12-item 85g multipack products for the SKU code 2190V and the expiry date September 2017 and contact Hill's with any concerns.

A spokesperson for the company said: "The company say that this is a precautionary measure as although iron is an essential nutrient in a cat's diet, too much iron may cause digestive upset."

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