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Pet dog wins weight loss award

Monday July 11th 2011

An overweight Labrador and his owner have lost seven stone between them within a year, helping the pet to win an award from an animal charity.

When doctors advised Alyson King - from south Wales - to lose weight, she also put Lucky on a diet.

The 49-year-old grandmother weighed 17 stone while Lucky was more than eight stone. Before his diet, Lucky struggled to walk after gaining weight from roast chicken dinners, the owner said.

Their slimming efforts saw the dog lose a quarter of his body weight and five inches from his waist, which is likely to raise his life expectancy by at least two years. At the same time, Alyson lost more than five stone.

Lucky has been honoured with vet organisation PDSA's Pet Fit Club annual prize.

Alyson - from Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd - said: "I guess you could say its true pets take after their owners."

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