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Pet detectives on missing cat's tail

Tuesday November 11th 2014

A missing cat has sparked a full-scale investigation by a team of pet detectives.

When one-year-old Snookie vanished from Natascha Head's home in Bristol on November 5, she called on the services of Animal Search UK.

And now experts from the Missing Pet Search Team - led by a former police officer - are carrying out coordinated patrols in the area in a bid to trace the black and white cat.

Snookie is described as very quiet and having a white bib and distinctive white spot on the side of her nose.

Tom Watkins, a former officer with West Midlands Police, says with most missing pets found within one mile of their owner's home it is crucial that the help of as many local people as possible is sought.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Snookie or has any information about her disappearance is asked to call 0800 4 320 340. Alternatively people can search the website for the case which has the reference number ALP205020.

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