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Pet competition nears conclusion

Thursday June 9th 2016

A competition celebrating the lives of family pets is heading towards its conclusion.

All entries for the Prize Pets 2016 scheme in Lincolnshire have now been received, with the public being urged to choose a winner.

Backed by the Lincolnshire Echo, the contest has seen people send in photos of their pets, ranging from the likes of Basset Hounds all the way through to Bearded Dragons.

And now the publication says people are being invited to review the hundreds of photo entries and decide for themselves which ones should be made finalists.

The paper said that people will be able to cast their votes over the coming three weeks, with a list of finalists then set to be drawn up.

A panel of judges will then select three winners from this selection of finalists.

Prize money of £600 is available for first place, while second and third places will receive £200 each.

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