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Pet cat survives crossbow shooting

Thursday October 8th 2015

Pet cat Smokey is on the road to recovery after being accidentally shot with a crossbow.

The grey and white cat suffered a pierced lung when she was hit by the bolt in the back garden of a house in Taunton, Somerset.

But Smokey survived the shooting and RSPCA staff at the West Hatch Animal Centre in Taunton removed the bolt and are now nursing her back to health.

They say she is making good progress and should soon be able to return home to her owners, who were told about the accident shortly after it happened.

Smokey was injured when she was hit by a bolt fired by a man who was showing a friend how his crossbow worked.

The accident has prompted the RSPCA to call on people to use crossbows responsibly.

Jo Daniel, an inspector for the RSPCA, says it is vital that people gain the correct experience before using a crossbow or any other type of weapon. Failing to take the right precautions or making a simple mistake, she adds, could put the life of a human or animal in danger.

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