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Pet cat survives a month with no food or water

Friday December 5th 2014

A cat has been reunited with her owner after surviving for more than a month in a sealed box with no food or water.

Mee Moowe found her way in among her owners' belongings as they were packing for a move from Virginia, US, to Hawaii, more than 4,800 miles away.

The cat's owner, Ashley Barth and her daughters, thought that Mee Moowe must have got lost nearby and stayed for three days to look for her.

But the family eventually gave up and carried on with the move.

Over a month later, the Barths were unpacking when a removal man heard what sounded like a cat in one of the boxes.

Ms Barth said that her heart had sunk, not daring to believe the unlikely truth until the man heard the sound again and asked if it was a cat.

When the box was opened Ms Barth found that Mee Moowe had lost over half of her body weight and could not walk.

The Barths are now waiting for Mee Moowe to recover in quarantine so she can be reunited with them.

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