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Pet cat survives California wildfire

Tuesday August 25th 2015

A cat has walked away from California's devastating wildfires with nothing more than singed whiskers.

Ruthie was set to flee with her owners Debi and Jeff Brusatori when she decided to jump out of the car.

The couple had no choice but to leave their home in Northern California without her as wildfires raged nearby.

They returned five days later to find their property destroyed by the flames. Miraculously, however, as they came to terms with what they saw, they heard a faint meow coming from their burnt-out truck.

Inside was Ruthie. She had managed to survive the fierce blaze by taking shelter underneath the vehicle. Her singed whiskers were the only evidence of her ordeal.

Several wildfires have burned across the drought-ridden state in recent weeks, destroying dozens of homes and displacing thousands of residents. But Mr and Mrs Brusatori say they are just thankful to have Ruthie back with them.

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