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Pet cat rescued after fall down chimney

Wednesday October 29th 2014

When Sadie the pet cat ventured outside the family home, she got far more of an adventure than she'd bargained for.

For the adventurous four-year-old feline fell down the chimney, got stuck on a narrow ledge and was only rescued when her worried owners heard a faint meowing sound coming from inside their dining room wall four days after she'd gone missing.

Sarah White and Christopher Briscombe, who had launched a search for Sadie, called in the RSPCA and her precise position was established using a high-tech camera.

Drills were used to remove several bricks from the dining room wall so Sadie could be reached and rescued from her precarious ledge.

Although Sadie survived her four-day ordeal unscathed, her owners have now taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again, installing a protective cap over the top of the chimney at their home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

But that is not the only work the pair will have to do on their home as a result of Sadie's adventure, the rescue operation having left a hole in the wall that will have to be rebricked, replastered and decorated.

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