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Persian Penelope's bad hair day

Tuesday February 2nd 2016

They are usually renowned for their luxurious coats and beautiful appearance, but Penelope the Persian cat was found wandering around London with matted clumps. She is the first cat of her kind rescued by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this year.

Penelope was found dirty and in need of a few good meals in Wandsworth. Battersea staff had to shave off Penelope's knots and clumps in order to restore her normal looks.

Only around one in 200 cats taken in by the home last year were Persian, or 14 out of more than 3,000. Five-year-old Penelope is of the Chinchilla Persian variety, known for their thick white coats.

Lindsey Quinlan, head of Battersea catteries, describes Penelope as being in a "grubby" condition when she was brought in. It is not known where she comes from, nor how long she has been a stray, as she had not been microchipped.

Ms Quinlan calls her "really friendly" and says her new owner will have to enjoy a cat that requires frequent grooming.

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