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Pero the pooch makes 240-mile journey home

Wednesday April 27th 2016

A sheepdog has turned up on his owners' doorstep nearly two weeks after he went missing 240 miles away.

Pero stunned his owners Alan and Shan James by appearing at his home in Aberystwyth, Wales, after disappearing in Cumbria.

"He was literally on the doorstep, it's very much a mystery for us how he arrived," Mrs James said.

"Some of us believe he walked it and others can't believe he achieved such a task."

Pero, a four-year-old working dog, was sent on a trial to a farm in Cockermouth in March but ran away across a field on April 8.

Mr James, 54, was amazed to find him waiting on the doorstep 12 days later.

The couple, who keep 14 other dogs on their sheep farm, have decided they are going to keep him at home.

"Alan went out and there was Pero on the doorstep. It was the last thing we expected," Mrs James, 48, continued.

"He was very much happy to see us both, very excited jumping up and going round in circles.

"Pero is microchipped, so we were hoping we would get him back.

"But if somebody had found him, we would have had a knock on the door saying 'your dog has been found'."

She added: "He was in very good condition - he has been limping since but he's back out running. He's quite happy at home now."

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