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Pedigree pooches 'misconceived'

Friday December 23rd 2011

The perception that pedigree dogs are healthy, quality animals is mistaken, and is leading people to buy puppies that are prone to health and welfare issues.

The warning comes from the RSPCA, whose research highlights the misconceptions surrounding pedigree pooches.

When asked what they associate with pure-breed or pedigree dogs, people's top six responses were expensive, well bred, from good breeding stock, quality, responsibly bred and healthy.

But in fact many are vulnerable to disability, pain, behavioural problems and disease, says the RSPCA. This is because they are bred primarily for their appearance, not with concern for their health and welfare.

The RSPCA is concerned that people are buying vulnerable dogs, such as 'handbag dogs', because they are selecting them for their appearance.

RSPCA senior scientist Claire Calder said: "A cute-looking puppy or dog can be hard to resist, but the result of not looking beyond this can be thousands of pounds spent on vets bills and a pet with long lasting health and welfare problems."

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