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Paralysed kitten gets wheelchair made from Lego

Wednesday May 11th 2016

A kitten found abandoned and paralysed has overcome his disability thanks to a wheelchair made from Lego.

Employees at a vet's office in the US named the cat Mac, then made him a buggy out of the famous toy building bricks, the Telegraph reports.

A video has been released showing Mac's first try-out of his new device. It shows him whizzing about a kitchen in his new apparatus for the first time.

The short footage clearly suggests that Mac, who can use only his front paws, quickly got to grips with his new aid.

But the wheelchair has given him mobility and he is seen with his tail up in the air and his back legs out, motoring around on a tiled floor.

Staff at the vet's surgery in New York think they can modify the vehicle still further so it can give Mac more support.

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