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Paralysed dog back on his paws

Friday April 24th 2015

A dog is learning to walk again after having a successful operation to reattach his spinal cord.

Joshua, who is on the mend in the UK, had been dumped paralysed at a roadside in Bulgaria and left to die.

He underwent a groundbreaking operation at a rescue clinic before boarding a plane to the charity K9 Rescue, based in the Forest of Dean, where he is under the watchful eye of Michelle and Jayne Jones.

No dog has ever got back on four paws after suffering a broken spinal cord. But Joshua is almost there, having had gruelling hydrotherapy and is now using a special frame to get about.

He needs to build up his muscles before he can run and jump again like a normal pooch - and is showing positive signs that he will be chasing balls and fetching sticks in no time at all.

Vets reckon the brave hound will be walking unaided in less than a year.

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