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Pampered pets spoiled more at Xmas

Friday November 16th 2012

New research suggests that half a million pounds is expected to be spent on favourite pets this Christmas.

Just when we were thinking the shrinking economy meant tighter pockets for the festive season, pampered pets are set to be spoilt rotten with at least two presents under the Christmas tree. found that upwards of £595 million will be spent on presents for furry friends, with most shelling out at least £26.53 on each pet, according to research.

The online discount retailer, which studied 2,000 pet owners, said at least one in 10 pet owners is expected to spend double this amount and give four presents to their loyal companion.

Findings from the study revealed that for most of those questioned they put their pets above loved-ones when it came to choosing Christmas gifts.

Posh Oxford pet owner will shell out even more, with the average family spending over £100 on Christmas treats.

The scruffy dog or long-time resident kitty-cat is more likely to receive a plush toy or plastic bone gift wrapped than other family members, with only 29% saying they would consider a present for their aunt or uncle.

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of says: "With many families to planning to tighten their purse strings this festive season, savvy shoppers looking to pamper their pets for less should look out for the big deals and discounts we can expect to see appearing on pet products in the run up to Christmas."

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