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PM bids farewell to Larry cat

Thursday July 14th 2016

Larry the cat is one of the things David Cameron will miss most about leaving Downing Street.

The outgoing Prime Minister is not allowed to take the so-called "chief mouser" with him, as it belongs to 10 Downing Street.

But Mr Cameron was so keen to rubbish reports that he did not like Larry that he used his final PM questions session to refute the claim. He even produced a photograph of the Downing Street cat sitting on his lap and said he loved the pet.

Only days earlier Conservative leaders said that Larry is to stay at No.10 to help out new Prime Minister Theresa May. Larry arrived at his current address five years ago.

He came after a spell at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home with a reputation for being the sort of predator that would make any rodent's life a misery. Mr Cameron remarked back then that Larry would be a "great" addition to his No.10 team.

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