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Owners urged to microchip pets

Friday May 4th 2012

Pet owners are being asked to get their animals microchipped and to maintain accurate records in a bid to address the problem of lost or stolen pets whose owners cannot be traced.

In conjunction with June's National Microchipping Month, the campaign will raise awareness of the quarter of a million pets lost every year in the UK. For many owners, microchipping and keeping up-to-date records could be the only way of recovering their pets.

In addition, a recent poll found that nearly half of all pet owners are unaware of brand names or types of microchip. It is recommended that owners are told about the various microchip options when making a choice.

It has also been suggested that one in three pet owners would have no idea which database they should notify if their animal got lost.

Owners are required to both get their pet chipped and update their registration details regularly to have the best chance of getting a missing pet back.

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