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Owners urged not to 'cook dogs'

Monday August 8th 2011

Pet owners are being urged not to leave their dogs alone inside parked cars in the summer heat.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has launched the campaign following a recent incident in which two police dogs died after being left in the back of a car with its windows up.

Experts have warned that even with the windows down, being left to swelter inside cars can be fatal for pets.

BVA president Harvey Locke explained how the heat affects the animals.

"Dogs perspire primarily through their tongues and paw pads so they can't cool down quickly enough to cope with the rising heat in a car," he said.

As part of the campaign, vets are being issued posters with the message "Don't Cook Your Dog" to be displayed where pet owners can see them.

Dogs Today magazine editor Beverley Cuddy, who came up with the campaign idea, worked with designer Judith Broug on the posters.

Volunteers will also help distribute posters and stickers to raise awareness and the message will be spread through media outlets.

"We're asking our members to display the campaign poster in veterinary practice waiting rooms to reach as many dog owners as possible," Mr Locke said.

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