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Owners told to keep pets out of sun

Monday May 9th 2016

Pet keepers are being warned against letting their cats and dogs out in the garden when the sun is shining brightly.

The call comes in the wake of Britain's hottest weekend so far this year.

Vets say that pets can suffer from skin cancer and sunburn, as well as humans, the Telegraph reports.

The PDSA advises that special sun cream for pets is the best way of reducing the chances of sun-related health problems. Pets which have light skin are most in danger.

The PDSA says it has handled almost 30 skin cancer cases over the last 12 months. It has dealt with many more sunburn incidents among cats and dogs.

Worsley-based Maureen Edwards' cat Bobby was diagnosed with skin cancer after his ear tips went black.

The cat had to have its ear tips taken away to prevent the cancer spreading. Ms Edwards says she was unaware that cats could contract skin cancer.

Fiona Buchan, a vet, says many people mistakenly believe that animals' fur is a ready-made sunscreen for pets. She says pets should be kept out of the sun.

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