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Owners must do more about fleas

Tuesday March 10th 2015

As many as three million pets in the UK are not receiving the treatment they need to protect from fleas, according to a leading veterinary group.

PDSA says owners are not doing enough to protect their cats and dogs from fleas, which have grown in numbers over recent years because of milder winters and improved central heating.

This means the parasites are now a year-round problem, causing pets chronic suffering.

The PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report said that over 1.5 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are not being sufficiently protected. The report, which is the biggest annual assessment of pet welfare, said owners need to be more proactive when it comes to stopping their animals from getting fleas.

The report found that despite recent economic hardship, some 96% of owners have not reduced their spend on preventative care such as vaccinations and neutering.

PDSA Head of Pet Health and Welfare Nicola Martin says more needs to be done. She says even if pets don't go outside; fleas, eggs and larvae can be brought in on people's clothing and shoes.

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