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Owners kick out 16,000 more pets

Friday November 2nd 2012

More pets are being cast out by their owners with RSPCA figures showing almost 16,000 extra animals were abandoned in 2011 than in 2007.

The animal charity says the difficult economic climate is having an effect on our furry friends with many people finding they can no longer afford to pay for essentials like Pet Insurance cover and food for their pets. A total of 40,595 animals were given up last year, almost 65% more than the 24,638 abandoned four years before that.

And despite cutbacks and drives to save money, the annual cost of keeping the RSPCA going has risen 8% from £111 million in 2007 to £120 million last year.

Gavin Grant, the RSPCA's chief executive, said the charity was finding it difficult to cope with the extra demand for its services.

And he urged people to give what they could to help the charity look after these animals who have been left homeless when times got tough.

Despite having more animals to find homes for, the number of pets being adopted by new owners has actually fallen. The charity re-homed 12,711 dogs and 29,880 cats last year but in 2009 16,659 canines and 36,070 felines were given a second chance with a new family.

The RSPCA said their average cost of keeping both cats and dogs was also more last year than in 2010 as it was taking them longer to complete the rehabilitation and re-homing process.

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