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Owners 'feeding dogs toxic foods'

Monday October 15th 2012

A significant proportion of UK dog owners do not realise feeding their dogs certain human foods can be extremely harmful, according to a new study by Pedigree.

While many might think they are 'treating' their beloved pets by giving them things like milk, grapes, raisins and chocolate, they could actually be doing them more harm than good.

For instance, feeding a dog chocolate could be seriously detrimental to their health as it is highly toxic to them, whereas grapes can cause kidney failure when given to canines.

Nearly 39% of respondents said they have fed their dogs such toxic or harmful food, while 26% admitted they didn't have enough information on what is dangerous for their dogs to eat.

A common reason for giving the dog human food was people not wanting to put leftovers in the bin (35%), while others did so because of the 'puppy dog eyes' effect (12%).

The survey also revealed a lack of understanding amongst owners when it comes to the weight of man's best friend. The majority (86%) described their dog's weight as 'about right', whereas UK data shows that 40% of dogs are, in fact, overweight.

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