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Owner's death won't bring dog's life for this pooch

Thursday January 22nd 2015

She already has a jet-setting lifestyle that would be the envy of most people, enjoying dinner at five-star restaurants, a six-figure allowance and designer shopping sprees.

But if she outlives her owner, Maltese terrier Bella Mia is set to become a canine millionaire and one of the richest dogs in the world.

For the three-year-old is set to inherit a fortune if 60-year-old New York accountant Rose Ann Bolasny dies before her.

Rose's two sons, who are both in their 30s, meanwhile, have been written out of the will but are said to be "quite happy" about the arrangement.

And that means Bella Mia is in line to inherit a £1 million holiday home as well as a trust fund and jewellery.

Mrs Bolasny says her pet should carry on living the life to which she has become accustomed if she dies.

The pampered pooch has her own bedroom, complete with a double bed, regularly tucks into filet mignon steak for dinner and last year had a £66,000 allowance for haircuts and treats.

When she isn't being spoon-fed at the table by her owner, Bella Mia is treated to meals at five-star restaurants during Mrs Bolasny's travels around the world.

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