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Owners are lost on subject of stray dogs

Wednesday September 10th 2014

When it comes to stray dogs, it's not only the animals who are lost - new research suggests.

That's because nearly three-quarters of owners (72%) don't know that they only have a week to find their missing pet once the local council takes care of it.

Any longer and a dog can even be put to sleep as a last resort, if an alternative owner is not found or its legal ownership switched.

The Dogs Trust poll further underscores the need for reliable Pet Insurance should the worst happen. It finds that the average dog owner believes they have over double the actual time allocated to find their pet - at 15 days.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of dog owners are unaware where responsibility for missing dogs lies, the welfare charity's study shows.

Almost half (46%) of those polled claim they would contact a neighbour or member of the family rather than going through the correct procedure of contacting the local authority.

The poll says that 29% of pet owners lose a dog. The Dogs Trust calculates that UK local authorities dealt with 110,675 abandoned and stray dogs in the 2013/14 financial year - a fall of 1%, thanks to microchipping.

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