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Owners admit to Skyping their dogs

Monday December 3rd 2012

One in eight dog owners in the UK have shamefully admitted 'Skyping' their dog while away from home, according to a new survey.

A study from Butcher's Pet Care polled more than 2,000 owners to ascertain the health and happiness of British-based dogs, with early results showing that 12% had video-called their hounds using Skype.

The report suggested that many owners are finding increasingly innovative ways of interacting with their mutts, although fears have been raised that the dog may not find it as socially stimulating as normal face-to-face interaction.

The study suggested that some canines could be suffering from an over-exposure to human contact, which is resulting in them losing some of their natural behaviour and characteristics. Rather than Skype-calling their pets many owners would be better off investing in comprehensive Pet Insurance.

It said all dogs are naturally social creatures that require regular interaction with other dogs as well as human contact to enjoy a happy existence.

Clare Scallon, from Butcher's Pet Care, said: "Dogs hunt, play, sleep and live together in the wild so it's only natural that our domestic dogs have the same urge to interact and socialise with other dogs and people."

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