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Owners "must not self-treat pets"

Monday December 14th 2009

Vets are warning pet owners not to attempt to treat poorly animals by themselves after a neglected collie dog had its infected legs dressed with parcel tape.

The animal was found wandering alone in Kenton, London, and taken to The Mayhew Animal Home on Saturday.

Once the veterinary team removed the tape, they could see the dog's legs had been patched up with layers of bandages, tea towels and socks.

The skin and flesh on both the dog's legs had begun to die and to rot away as a result of being taped up.

The gangrenous condition and the pain that the dog has been in for many months may have been caused by an owner attempting to wrap the legs up to heal or remedy a slight health condition.

Mayhew Animal Care Manger, Gillian Rich, said: "What has happened to this poor dog is horrendous and inexplicable. It is a mystery to the veterinary team here why anyone could comprehend taping up an animal's legs in such a way and continue to let the animal suffer through what must have been extreme pain.

"We have been unable to establish any underlying medical conditions that could explain why the dog's legs may have been bandaged initially.

"Certainly, at The Mayhew, we recognise that people are starting to worry about the costs of veterinary care during this recession, but this case seems a horrifying example of why attempting to self treat a pet yourself can have grave consequences; as we see here with poor Hobo.

"Owners must go to a vet immediately if they have concerns for the health of their pet."

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