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Owner takes pooch on bucket list road trip

Friday July 17th 2015

A terminally ill dog is spending his last few months on a bucket list road trip around the US.

Poh, 15, was diagnosed with several health problems including tumours during a routine check-up in February, so his owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez, decided to take him on for an adventure.

Their trip is documented on Instagram, with more than 112,000 followers tracking every step they make.

Mr Rodriguez, who is on the road with his fiancée, hopes to create happy memories to help them focus on his dog's life rather than his death.

But Poh is continuing to fight. His vet claims he still has a bit longer to live, so the three of them plan to extend their adventure.

The Midwest of America is next on their itinerary - and followers can keep up to date with their travels via Poh the Dog's Big Adventure on Instagram.

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