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Owner spots missing cat on Facebook

Tuesday November 17th 2015

A woman from Bradford has been reunited with her beloved runaway cat after seeing a picture of him on Facebook.

Kelly Middleton, 30, thought Toby had been killed when he disappeared without a trace more than six years ago.

But the moggy was recently found living on the streets by local charity Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens.

Toby was in a bad way when animal workers rescued him. He was seriously injured, unable to move and covered in mud, while he has since had to have all of his teeth removed.

Despite his poor condition, Kelly says she immediately recognised him in the photograph posted on the charity's Facebook page. She immediately got in touch with the rescue centre and arranged to pick him up.

Toby is now at home. He has a virus and has to sleep in a cage at night, but is settling back into domestic life.

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