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Overweight dogs look for new homes

Friday July 15th 2011

A pair of overweight dogs at a rescue home are looking for new owners to take care of them.

Scottish SPCA said a male collie-cross named Nico is one of the fattest dogs ever to be brought to its centres.

At 44.3kg, around seven stone, he is nearly twice the optimum weight for his breed, which is around 25kg.

Staff are now looking to re-home Nico and another collie-cross, Aldo, who is also far above the normal weight and tips the scales at 36.8kg.

Five-year-old Nico and seven-year-old Aldo are both on a strict weight management programme at the charity's centre in Glasgow where they are currently being cared for.

Anna O'Donnell, assistant manager at the centre, said: "Nico and Aldo are male collie-crosses who came into our care separately but with the same condition. Although they were much loved pets, they are grossly overweight."

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