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Overweight cat joins slimming contest

Friday May 12th 2017

An overweight cat is set to take part in a major slimming competition, which will see him undergo a strict six-month diet and exercise programme.

The BBC reports that Pumpkin from Aberdeen is the only Scottish pet taking part in the final of the PDSA Pet Fit Club contest.

Although he enjoys foods such as ice cream and crisps, the cat will now go up against six other animals to try and lose weight and take the slimming crown.

Currently weighing in at 1st 8lbs (10.2kg), the seven-year-old ginger and white tabby will be tasked with losing 7lb (3.2kg).

Chelsea Mullen, the owner of Pumpkin, said the cat's extra weight may be down to a lack of exercise.

She said: "We would like Pumpkin to lose weight so he can start having fun and learn how to play with both his toys and his sister Munchkin again, but most of all we want him to lose the weight in order to keep him healthy."

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