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Over 47,500 dogs abandoned by owners

Friday October 2nd 2015

Tens of thousands of dogs were abandoned by their owners last year, figures suggest.

Data released by the Dogs Trust shows councils across the UK picked up 102,363 strays in 2014-15. While 54,767 of the dogs were eventually reunited with their owners, 47,596 were never picked up.

The unwanted pooches ended up in council pounds, with more than 5,000 later tragically put down due to a lack of space and resources. According to the charity, it has also received 43,771 calls from people trying to give up their dogs in the last 12 months.

The total of 102,363 stray dogs picked up in 2014-15 is actually down on the tally of 110,675 in 2013-14.

But it is still far too many. From April next year it will become a legal requirement for dogs in England, Scotland and Wales to be microchipped - and the Dogs Trusts hopes the move will lead to a rise in the number of stray pets returned to their owners.

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