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Oslo dog saved by Bristol vet

Tuesday August 25th 2015

A dog is recovering at home in Oslo after travelling thousands of miles to Bristol for a life-saving operation.

Golden retriever Pelle made the 2,400-mile round trip through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France to the UK with his owners Cathrine Sorlie and Nils Christian Nordahl.

He was diagnosed with a liver shunt - where a blood vessel carries blood around the liver instead of through it - when he was three months old.

No veterinary surgeons in Norway could perform the surgery required to save his life. Cathrine and Nils were told the only option was to medically manage the condition before eventually putting him to sleep.

But they refused to accept what vets told them and scoured the internet for surgeons elsewhere who could do the surgery. They eventually tracked down vet Kieran Borgeat at Highcroft Veterinary Referrals in Bristol.

It took the trio just three days to drive from the Norwegian capital to the UK. Pelle went under the knife the next day.

The operation cost £3,500 and lasted three hours. Cathrine and Nils are now back at home with their pooch.

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