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Oscar the rabbit is big and beautiful

Tuesday December 2nd 2014

A family's pet rabbit has become so large that it has to sleep in its own Wendy house complete with electricity and a potty.

Weighing more than a stone and measuring three feet long, Oscar eats seven packets of broccoli, a bag of apples, a punnet of strawberries and a box of granola every week.

And after needing an operation to remove an eye because of an abscess, he has run up monster vet's bills coming to £500.

But owners Ronnie, Beth and Maisy Humphrey, who had no idea he would grow so large, said that Oscar's health is worth any amount of money.

He has even been known to get out of the Wendy house and work to earn his keep.

Before his operation he won first place in a bunny beauty contest with photo shoot included, proving that with his Wendy house and hefty diet, Oscar lives a lifestyle most bunnies can only dream of.

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