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Oregon cat takes world's oldest title

Friday August 14th 2015

A cat in the United States has been officially recognised as the oldest pet feline in the world.

Corduroy, a resident in the rural community of Sisters, Oregon, is aged 26 years and 13 days.

The previous record-holder was a puss from San Diego named Tiffany Two, who was 26 years and 204 days old when she died on June 3.

Guinness World Records officials say Corduroy has a taste for sharp cheddar cheese and likes to catch mice.

Owner Ashley Reed Okura has had him since he was a kitten. She was just seven years old herself when he came into her life.

They have grown up together - and Reed Okura claims the secret to his longevity is simply allowing him to be a cat, such as letting him spend lots of time outside hunting and giving him plenty of love when he is inside.

Owners must submit evidence such as video recordings of a cat's life throughout the decades to hold the record.

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