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One quarter of pets have a social media account

Thursday August 11th 2016

Almost a quarter of pet owners admit that they have created a social media account for their furry friends.

The study of 5,500 Europeans by Sony Mobile revealed the top social media platform for pets is Facebook (79%), with over a third (38%) revealing that their pet also has its own Instagram account.

Around 21% of pet owners say they take more images of their pet on their smartphone than of their children.

But the picture has to be just right before it is shared online. It has been revealed that it takes, on average, as many as six shots to capture the perfect pet pose.

Snaps of beloved animals are shared on social media approximately 28 times in one month - almost one a day.

This could be down to the popularity of the pictures as almost one third (31%) of people admit posting images of their pets generates the 'most likes' compared to other photographs.

When asked what animal 'wins' the internet, for the majority of those surveyed (37%), say cats are the outright winners of the internet popularity contest.

Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager, at Sony Mobile said: "We are always interested in discovering what subjects consumers like to capture images of and the research findings suggest that we are still a European nation of huge animal lovers."

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