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One in three 'avoid dentist visits'

Wednesday September 14th 2011

Almost one in three people in the UK admit they are putting their dental hygiene at risk by not getting their teeth checked on a regular basis, according to a poll.

A total of 32% of more than 2,300 Britons questioned by discount website admitted that they do not go to the dentist regularly.

Cost was cited as the main factor with 66% of those who said they do not attend claiming they could not afford to do so. Almost a quarter (24%) admit that laziness is behind their failure to make appointments.

The research revealed that Birmingham topped the list of areas with the poorest dental health visits record.

Most people (51%) taking part in the poll said that they thought dentists should be visited once a year only while 61% admitted that regular visits to the dentist are essential to keep good dental hygiene.

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