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One in 17 cars 'have been clocked'

Friday April 8th 2011

Car dealers have been warned by vehicle information experts Hire Purchase Investigations that one in 17 cars in the UK has been clocked.

The BBC recently ran a report about clocking and HPI is warning dealers that the reality is far greater than reported.

One in 39 cars have had their mileage altered or clocked, according to the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. However, HPI's data shows that the figure is more likely to be closer to one in 17.

The VOSA data does not include information on MOTs completed on vehicles before 2005 or on those that are less than three years old, which is why the figures differ, suggesting that VOSA's findings are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Being the victim of clocking is one worry for a car owner. Others include seeing a drop in value from when a valuation is made upon taking out insurance and what the vehicle is deemed to be worth at the time the car is stolen or written off.

"Unwittingly part exchanging a clocked car is a very real risk for retailers. With the tools to adjust mileages so easily available on the web consumers are just as likely to be the clocking cars as unscrupulous traders, doubling the danger to dealers," explains Daniel Burgess, automotive director for HPI.

"Not surprisingly the Office of Fair Trading has clearly stated that mileage disclaimers are not enough and to meet due diligence you must prove you have done everything in your power to validate a car's mileage," he added.

If a vehicle has had more than one keeper or if a discrepancy has been shown, HPI's mileage investigation team will explore all avenues to correctly validate the vehicle's mileage - giving dealers confidence in the quality and status of its stock.

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