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Olympic boxer dog at Battersea

Thursday August 16th 2012

A dog at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been appropriately named in honour of a Team GB Olympics gold medallist as it searches for a new home.

The boxer-staffie cross is called Nicola after London 2012 boxing champion Nicola Adams, who fought her way to glory in the historic flyweight final against China's Ren Cancan.

Battersea staff decided the Leeds-born heroine was the perfect person to name the dog after, given that she is an energetic boxer.

"Our Nicola is just like the Team GB champion, as she's friendly, enthusiastic and can be very quick on her feet, especially when she's chasing her favourite tennis ball," said operations manager Claire Porteous.

"Like Adams she has her eye on the prize, as she wants to bag a new home," she added.

The team at Battersea will be hoping that Nicola Adams' fantastic success rubs off on her namesake and helps the dog in finding a loving home.

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