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Obese patients needing more surgery

Thursday September 16th 2010

More people needing replacement hips and knees are living an unhealthy lifestyle than ever before, according to the National Joint Registry (NJR).

Since 2004 the number of overweight or obese people requiring joint replacement operations has been steadily increasing, but in 2009 this rose to 83%, it has been revealed.

Out of all the patients needing a knee replacement 47% were obese and 36% were overweight, with 6% having a body mass index (BMI) over 40 to be deemed morbidly obese.

There were also similar results for hip replacements with 40% of patients being overweight when they had the operation, 34% obese and 3% morbidly obese.

Meanwhile, a mere 11% of patients lined up for knee replacement last year were in the healthy weight range, and only 22% of those getting replacement hips weren't overweight.

Experts from the NJR completed the study and explained that the problem is likely to get worse in the next few years.

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