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Now lovers can get pre-nup for their pup

Tuesday September 30th 2014

Specialist divorce lawyers are drawing up pre-nuptial agreements to set down who keeps a pet in the event of a break-up.

They are helping Blue Cross animal charity make the first legally-binding contracts which agree visiting rights, responsibilities and ownership if a relationship breaks down. The re-homing centre says that this way animal lovers can guard against the worst happening in their relationship too.

It says that it has taken in nearly 1,000 pets - or a typical four every week - since 2009 due to partners breaking up and marital strife. Its officials says the cat or dogs' welfare will be central to the agreements.

Blue Cross research shows that over a quarter of UK divorcees dispute pet ownership. A further two in three confess that rowing over pets has rendered breaking up all the harder.

Lloyd Platt and Company's legal documents are aimed at reducing the hurt and anxiety concerning pets for both the separating partners and the animals themselves. You can download a free draft by clicking on

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