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North 'hardest hit' by job cuts

Wednesday September 21st 2011

Some 175,000 public sector jobs were axed in the north of England last year, a report shows.

The Yorkshire and Humber, North West, North East and Midlands regions were the hardest hit by job cuts, said research group Centre for Cities. The east of England also lost 40,000 jobs over the same period, it added.

Last week, figures showed the biggest fall in public sector employment figures since 1999. Public sector employment across the UK dropped by 111,000 to just over six million between March and June.

Chief executive of Centre for Cities, Joanna Averley, said: "In those places that are highly reliant on the public sector, the impact of the cuts will be felt hardest. This is now playing out in north and east of the country, where the economies of their cities are more public sector dependent."

The group added that areas including the West Midlands, Wales, the South West and Scotland were also showing a drop in private sector employment.

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